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There are 3 Mini-Games you can participate in: Survival - Foot Race - Drinking. Check out the Prizes page to see what you can buy from winning these Games!

All Tasks have a 9 Hour Lockout Timer.

Survival Mini-Game

The Survival Mini-Game is facing off against Selif (as indicated by on the map) for 15 Rounds! Each round he will get slightly harder. Hail Selif, accept the quest, then say 'ready' to him to begin. The Goal is to last 15 Rounds versus him. Each person can start and complete this quest in turns as a group. Your entire group will earn 1 Bronze Point per round the group lasts.

Foot Race Mini-Game

The Foot Racing Mini-Game starts with Belgrad Aysarg (as indicated by on the map). To start this game you must say 'bet' to Belgrad Aysarg, then you will get to choose your racer between, 'Kerrias', 'the Carefree Courier', 'the Armored Waddler' or 'the Viridian Sprinter'. Simply say which one you want to him to place your bet on them. You can do it 3 times, 1 bet per task. The winner is random.
You will receive the following based on which place your racer comes in (everyone close by in your group should get some):
1st place = 4 Bronze Points
2nd place = 3 Bronze Points
3rd place = 2 Bronze Points
Last place = 1 Bronze Point

Drinking Mini-Game

The Drinking Mini-Game starts with Corram MulHanney (as indicated by on the map). This game requires a certain alcohol tolerance to even get, you can do it 3 times. You must drink the 10 ales he gives you to start. You get 3 guesses to say 'now' at the proper time between sober and drunk.
Your whole group should earn Bronze Points depending how you do.