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Purity Guide

Article by: Rathe.Rorce
Written on: 7-10-2012
Last updated: 7-10-2012

Purity Explained -=- Purity Stats -=- Purity Augs -=- Power Source Recipes

The "Purity" stat is one that often confuses new players. This stat was first added to gear in The Buried Sea expansion. Purity by itself does nothing, however, when you equip a Power Source your purity gear will gain and/or lose some stats. The stats that are gained and/or lost are dependent upon the type of power source that you equip. The more purity you have, the stronger your stats are increased or decreased. Weapons with purity on them will gain special procs, the type of proc is also dependent upon the type of power source used.

Power sources can be obtained 2 ways. The first way is by vendors in Katta Castrum. These vendors sell both group level and raid level powersources in exchange for currency from the TBS expansion quests and raids. The group currency is called "Orum" and the raid currency is called "Phosphite". The second way to obtain power sources is by crafting them using tradeskills.

In general, group armor has 50 purity on it, and raid armor has 75. Cultural armor is a bit different. The base armor piece has 25 purity, then the "group level" cultural aug adds an additional 25 purity. If you get a raid seal for your cultural gear, this will add another 40 purity, giving a total possibility of 90 purity for cultural armor. There are augments which contain the purity stat, which range from +5 purity to +25 purity. These augs use a special aug socket, type 13 for group and type 14 for raid. Cultural armor does not have type 13 and 14 sockets for purity augs. Nearly all purity augs will fit in both socket types (with the exception of the vendor purchased augs in The Buried Sea expansion).

Purity Guide By: Rorce On: March 26, 2013, 04:44:13 PM

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