Article by: Erollisi.Blabberpuss
Written on: 3-25-2012
Last updated: 8-24-2015

UPDATE: We now have a tool that makes creating Fake Links super simple! Check it out here!

Want to really freak out your friends and guild members? I am going to explain how to change your chat macro messages to change the name of your current target RED (or whatever color your LINKS are in Everquest, mine is Red). When you drag your cursor over the 'fake link' it will turn Blue also!

Make sure you have a macro made in Everquest that includes the %T command something like:


Make sure Everquest is not running and open up your character's ini file. Mine is located on my D:\ drive. You will need to locate where Everquest resides on your harddrive. The default location is at C:\Program Files\Everquest. Once located scroll through all the files in the Everquest folder until you find a file named after your character. It will be something like this: Kikkit_erollisi.ini (this is a name of one of my characters which resides on the Erollisi Marr server). Yours will have your own character's name and server followed by .ini just like I have it listed for Kikkit.

Open up your found character's INI file in a text editor like Window's Notepad and scroll down the file until you find the spot where your macro is. It should look like this:

Page5Button3Line1=/g INCOMING: %T KILL IT NOW

Copy the line below (example 1), include all of the characters even the special ones at the beginning and end and Paste it over the %T in your Incoming Macro. The numbers in the line below makes Everquest think that it's an item's link. It is important to make sure you maintain a space after the last number and the %T or it won't work.

EQResource Note: The symbols required for this will not display on our webpage, so we have made a text document with the examples given in this guide. The text document can be found Here

You can also remove the %T altogether and type in some text there such as: BIG BAD MONSTER. Now you won't display your %T in Everquest when you click this macro, but you will display BIG BAD MONSTER and IT will now be Red and when moused over Blue (example 2):

Now when you use your macro in game it will report to your group whatever you have targetted will be Red and when you mouse over it, it will change to blue.