Article by: Erollisi.Cisasten
Written on: 3-22-2012
Last updated: 3-23-2012

These instructions will create a shortcut that will open EverQuest bypassing the patcher and taking you straight to the EverQuest login screen. Also you can input anything for a username login which will automatically get inserted for you as your Username at the EverQuest login screen:

  1. First browse to your EverQuest directory.
  2. Right click "eqgame.exe".
  3. Create a shortcut of "eqgame.exe" and send it to your Desktop
  4. The icon will be named "Shortcut to eqgame". Rename your shortcut to EverQuest or if you want something more specific: "EverQuest - NoPatch \\ Toon1". (the \\Toon1 will be addressed shortly)
  5. Right click shortcut, and select "Properties"
  6. In the properties window, you should be on the Shortcut tab. In the target field you should see the path that leads to your eqgame.ext within quotations. Click on this field and add the following text after eqgame.exe: patchme /login:YourUserName
  7. Click Apply, click OK.

As an example, your target field text should now resemble something like this:
"C:\Program Files\Sony\EverQuest\eqgame.exe" patchme /login:Toon1UserName

Note: The /login: information is completely optional. If you want to manually enter in your Usernames then just don't enter the login info. ["C:\Program Files\Sony\EverQuest\eqgame.exe" patchme] is perfectly fine as well and will work fine.
Note2: Replace Toon1UserName with anything that you want to appear within the username field of the EverQuest login screen. Reminder, for EQ the username is not case sensitive but the password is.
Note3: If your target field text includes quotations like the example above, be sure to add the patchme /login: information outside of those quotations. My version of Windows 7 does not have the path in quotations, if this is the case then disregard this, you do not need quotations.
Note4: If you want to use only one shortcut and operate different accounts from that one shortcut after you exit EQ it will always remember the last Username you used to login. If your main character is Toon1 and the last time you exited EQ you had entered the infor for Toon3, the next time you start up EQ from that shortcut it will automatically have the username of Toon3 entered if you did not use /login:Toon1UserName.

Using this method, you can set up instances of EQ specific to a single character. Having two shortcuts labeled \\ Toon1 and \\ Toon 2 along with their usernames entered into the target field all you would have to do now is enter their passwords and login. This really cuts down time for people who play multiple accounts or numerous instances. Having multiple shorcuts will help you manage different accounts.

Alternatively, if you do not want to have a bunch of EQ shortcuts cluttering up your desktop, have the login target name be just a single character like " , ". Now you only have to backspace one character and type in your desired Username instead of the entire usename itself. Try it out!