Article by: Erollisi.Blabberpuss
Written on: 3-31-2012
Last updated: 8-29-2014

First Year: Lesson of the Devoted - Gain double experience for 30 minutes. Refreshes every 20 hours.

Second Year: Infusion of the Faithful - Maximum resistances and stats and a faster run speed for 15 minutes. Refreshes every 20 hours.

Third Year: Chaotic Jester - You can summon a Bristlebane Halfling that lasts for 15 minutes. He randomly casts spells that can either benefit or penalize. He constantly cracks annoying jokes too!

Fourth Year: Expedient Recover - All of your corpses can be summoned and you will be given 100% of the lost experience back as part of the resurrection unless they are too old. Refreshes once per week.

Fifth Year: Steadfast Servant - Summon a NPC that will cast healing spells on you and any near players for 30 minutes. Refreshes every 20 hours.

Sixth Year: Staunch Recovery - Fully healed with health, mana, and endurance. Refreshes every 3 days.

Seventh Year: Intensity of the Resolute - Increases your melee abilities, spells, and heals for 1 minute. Refreshes every 4 hours.

Eigth Year: Throne of Heroes - Teleport to the Guild Lobby. Refreshes every 72 minutes.

Ninth Year: Armor of Experience - A four layered protection from 100% to 25%, each layer absorbing 10 hits until it moves to the next layer. Refreshes every 20 hours.

Tenth Year: Summon Resupply Agent - A Merchant is summoned to your side who will sell supplies and buy your loot off you. He remains up for 10 minutes or until you get rid of him. Refreshes every 20 hours.

Eleventh Year: Summon Clockwork Banker - A Banker is summoned to your side.

Twelvth Year: Summon Permutation Peddler - A Augmentation Distiller Vendor is summoned to your side. Refreshes every 20 hours.

Thirteenth Year: Summon Tribute Master - A Tribute Master is summoned to your side. Refreshes every 20 hours.

Fourteenth Year: Blessing of the Devoted - A passive ability which reduces the time required between uses of your Veteran's Rewards by 25%.