Article by: Erollisi.Cisasten
Written on: 3-25-2012
Last updated: 3-26-2012

Throughout Norrath there are different factions that can cause you considerable trouble when getting around or trying to complete quests. Sometimes faction works on two or more groups or clans in Norrath. As an example, killing NPC's of the Kromrif (Frost Giants of Velious) will lower their faction but in turn raise the faction of Dain Frostreaver IV (Coldain Dwarves of Velious). Or, killing dragons loyal to Veeshan will lower your faction level for the Ring of Scale, while in turn raising the faction for Mayong Mistmoore. These faction changes of course can go both ways. Also, when trying to complete quests it is possible that one of the quest NPC's is on a faction that you have inadvertently lowered somewhere along the lines. Alternatively, sometimes NPC's will not acknowledge you unless you have a certain level of faction with them. The following table will help to see where you are in their faction and what more you have to do to raise your faction level to be able to communicate with said NPC's.

As a side note, these faction numbers are somewhat of an approximation but to my knowledge seem to be close enough to the truth to warrant this guide.

The faction table is as follows:

-3000 to -1999 - lowest faction points
-2000 to -751 - Scowls at you ready to attack! (KOS) (approx. 1300 point range)
-750 to -501 - Glares are you threateningly! (KOS) (approx. 250 point range)
-500 to -101 - Glowers at you dubiously. (Not KOS but very close to) (approx. 400 point range)
-100 to -1 - Looks your way apprehensively. (approx. 100 point range)
0 to +99 - Regards you indifferently. (The majority of NPC's have this neutral standing with you) (approx. 100 point range)
+100 to +499 - Judges you amiably. (approx. 400 point range)
+500 to +749 - Kindly considers you. (approx. 250 point range)
+750 to +1099 - Looks upon you warmly. (approx. 450 point range)
+1100 to +2000 - Regards you as an ally. (Highest level of faction attainable) (approx. 1000 point range)
+2001 to +3000 - highest faction points

Recently EverQuest has introduced faction vendors. Most expansion faction vendors start at the bottom of the apprehensive faction bracket (-100). To access their wares you generally have to be around amiably or higher. Getting positive faction with that vendor or faction can come in a few ways. Either kill an opposing faction enemy, complete a quest for that faction, or complete group or shared tasks for faction rewards. As a general rule, the positive faction gained from one enemy is +1 point. Completing a solo quest or task is +10 points. The group task/missions give +faction which is 1/2 the alternative currency awarded on completion. As an example, completing a mission that gives you 100 Orux will also give you +50 faction to the Combine Empire Merchants. Knowing this, if a player were at -100 apprehensive and they wanted to get to +100 which is the bottom amiable bracket, the player would have to complete 4 group missions, or kill 200 enemies, or do 20 solo tasks or a combination of both. It doesn't seem like it by reading, but in actuality it can be quite arduous.

On the other hand, negative faction hits are much greater than positive ones especially for killing an enemy or NPC. This is especially true in older content EverQuest. KOS of course means the enemy or NPC will attack you on sight. Some enemies are KOS at all times regardless of faction and some NPC's who are KOS will not attack unless prompted with dialogue or until you attack first. Just remember, it's very important to pay attention to the faction of enemies that you kill. It is much easier to lose faction than to gain it. Killing only a few of the wrong enemies can erase all the factioning you have just spent hours doing.

Again, these numbers are approximate but are still relatively close and are only supposed to give you an idea of where you are in the faction standing and what more you need to do. Furthermore, the quest and task faction hits are also approximations.