Article by: Rathe.Riou
Written on: 8-14-2012

Item Base -=- Add Augment -=- Remove Augment -=- Destroy Augment -=- Swap Augment

Augmentations in EverQuest are special items that get put into your armor to give it more stats, or in weapons to give more stats, or procs, or more damage, and other such bonuses.

On Visible pieces you will notice the Buy Now button, this appears if you do not own the Hero's Forge feature. This is the same location where the slot is on Weapons as well (Although weapons do not require this feature to Ornament).

The Items must be in your inventory to use the Augmentation features (Add, Remove, Destroy, Swap).

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Item Base

First we will look at the Base of an Item, as you will notice it has nothing Augged on it:

When you pick up an Augment, if it can fit in any slots the slots on the item window will highlight, this shows that it will fit into that slot:

You will notice if an augment does not fit into any of the slots the slots will not highlight, this means the augment will not fit:

Adding an Augment

When you go to place an Augment into an item, simply click the Augment into the slot it will fit in, doing so will bring up an Aug Confirmation block, click yes to Augment:

After clicking Yes, the Augment is now in the item!

Removing an Augment

Removing an Augment can be done one of two ways, you can either Left Click the slot:

Or you can Right click the slot and choose Remove:

Both ways will remove the Augment, keep in mind that this does use an Augmentation Distiller of the appropriate type that is listed on the Augment itself

Destroying an Augment

Destroying an Augmentation simply requires you to Right Click on the aug and choose Destroy, this does not require any Distillers or Solvents to Destroy an Aug

After choosing this you will be given a Confirmation box:

And if you click Yes, the Augmentation will be destroyed:

Swapping Augments

If an Augment is already in an item and you wish to replace it with a new Augment, you can do so by simply picking up the Augment, you will notice if it fits in the slot the slot will be highlighted while the Augment is on your cursor:

Dragging the Augment over and clicking it on the slot where an Augment currently is will bring up a Confirmation Box to swap the Augmentations:

Clicking Yes then swaps the Augmentations! Keep in mind you will need a Distiller for the Augment that is already on the Item for them to Swap.