Article by: Erollisi.Blabberpuss
Written on: 3-28-2012
Last updated: 3-29-2012

Audio Triggers is a way that Everquest can give you an Audio head's-up that an event is occuring. For each trigger you want to make you have to type in the exact text that will trigger the playing of the sound and then you assign a specific sound to that text trigger.

As you play the game, the audio triggers check each line of your chat window against the list of Triggers you have made to see if the text appears. If it does the game will play the assigned audio file assigned.

They are easy to make. Select the EQ menu button, Actions, Audio Triggers. Or just hit Shift `

This should open up a window titled, you guessed it, Audio Triggers. Place your cursor in the Pattern box and type in a text phrase that you want the function to monitor. Then in the Sound window, click the down arrow and assign an appropriate sound to your text Pattern. Clicking on the Create button should send your new Audio Trigger to the bottom window. Most of the available buttons in this window are self-explanatory.

What I like to do is create my own sound files and use them as my Sounds instead of the provided sounds. Here is a great website where you can make some Text To WAV file sound files and save them to your computer:

STEP 1 You want to choose the voice for your triggers. I like to use Crystal . . . . US English. But there are several to choose from

STEP 2 Text: Type in the text you want to make your audio file from. The translator will attempt to speak the words you have typed. Often times you will have to use phonetic spelling to get an accurate sounding file.

STEP 3 Click Download and AT&T will send you an audio file speaking the text you typed in the STEP 2 window.

Play with different spellings until you get your phrase sounding right.

The WAV files for your characters triggers are stored in the \Everquest\AudioTriggers\shared folder. Save your newly made WAV file there. You will have to reload the game to see your new sound. You CAN also edit the saved PATTERN files directly but it is a bit touchy so if you want to do that you can find the Trigger Patterns in: EverQuest\userdata folder in files named AT_default_CharacterName_ServerName.ini. Each trigger has a series of entries like:

Pattern0=Assist me

Each one contains three lines, and they number up beginning with zero. You can add your triggers this way if you so choose, just make sure your Sound assigned is in the folder I mentioned above.

Have fun!