Welcome to the Articles section of EQ Resource. Here you will find bits of information that don't really fit in any of our expansion guides. This section of the site is open to player submissions. Anyone can submit an article to us, and we will post it here. You will get full credit for writing the article, and your name will appear at the top of the article! If you would like to submit one, please type it out and email it to us. Don't worry about formatting or links, etc. We will put the information into our web page format for you!

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Misc. Guides
The Arcane Fair
Quick Guide for T5 merc access
Demi-Plane of Blood Mayong Titles
Purity Guide
Removable 25 Purity Aug Walkthrough (Purified Flawless Faycite Triad)

Current Hot Zones with instructions on how to get to them, and aug drop information
List of Alt Act codes for all classes
List of all Zones in EverQuest, with shortnames also
An explanation of how Faction works in EverQuest
List of Zones that are locked behind a level requirement
List of in game /emotes
List of Veteran Rewards and what they do
List of all EverQuest expansions to date, with feature lists and release dates

Tips and Tricks
How to paste from clipboard into EverQuest
How to bypass the EverQuest Launchpad
How to set up and create Macro Keys in EverQuest
How to set up and create Fake Links in EverQuest
A tool for creating Fake Item, Achievement, and Dialogue links in EverQuest
How to set up and create Audio Triggers